We do business in a way that puts our clients’ needs first, leaving little room for any potential problems. Being a client-oriented industry means that any kind of inconvenience must be avoided, so we insist on excellent service and building trust between us. Honesty is our key to building that trust. Our sales representatives will not only provide you with our free moving quote, but they will prepare you for your upcoming local apartment relocation. Once you contact us, our team of helpful and professional moving experts will go out of their way to inform you about how we do business and walk you through all the details that you might not be aware of. There are lots of details, especially for planning an apartment move – you need to coordinate between your building management and your local moving company. Laguna Moving Services can offer you a Certificate of insurance if needed, protection for your elevators, flexible arrival time for your move and all of that without any additional fee. Price that you get from us is always all-inclusive and without any hidden or additional charges. If there are heavy items that need to be handled, stairs or long hallways – it is free of charge with your reliable local movers. Time for your apartment move starts once we start the actual move, no charge to get to your location or to go back, fuel, mileage or even double drive time fee. When we say all-inclusive, we sincerely mean it. Moving insurance is also included. We are working in the industry where human error can kick in for any reason and we are not going to lie about that. That is why you will be protected with our insurance plan and amazing customer care team that will solve your problem.

Team of our movers and packers that will work hard to offer you safe and efficient move is a team of trained and experienced professionals. Our trucks are well-maintained and clean and they are equipped with everything needed to safely perform your apartment moving. Service of disassembly and reassembly with our tools is necessary to fit everything in the moving truck. Your furniture will be wrapped and padded with our plastic wrap and moving blankets. All this in order to relocate your belongings without any damage or scratch. To save you some time on packing, we will bring wardrobe boxes where you can fit all of your hanging clothes. Moving dollies are there if we need to handle anything that is excessively heavy.

Let professionals take care of your belongings in the safest possible way!