Having to move 10 or 1000 employees in just one day, might seem like a mission impossible. But that is not the case, with Laguna Moving Services we will easily go from consultation to execution in no time. Proper planning and strong coordination are the foundation of a good local office move. We have built our reputation on the excellent customer experience we are offering. Our moving consultants will help you coordinate and plan your local move. Once we know more about your business relocation, we will be able to create a unique moving service that your business needs.

Laguna Moving Services is specialized in corporate relocation and office moving services of all sizes by minimizing time needed to perform this relocation. We understand that time is crucial when we talk about your commercial moving and in any business time is money. Hiring an experienced and professional office moving company will assure your business is moved smoothly, efficiently, safely and cost effectively. Team of movers and packers that will take care of your office move is highly experienced and professional. Our service includes disassembly and reassembly of your belongings with our own tools. Your office furniture will be protected with plastic wrap and moving blankets to ensure safety of your valuable belongings during the transport in our well-maintained trucks. We have moving dollies in case something cannot be moved safely by movers only.

Now, let’s talk about price. Budget is very important for your commercial relocation and we want to ensure you are aware of the price before you schedule your move. We hate unpleasant surprises and most definitely won’t have one for you. Our price is all inclusive, even taxes are already included. There are no fees of any sort – for handling heavy items, using stairs or long hallways. Time for your commercial move starts when your move starts and we are not charging anything to get to your location or go back. No fees for gas, mileage or even double drive time fee. Moving insurance is a part of our price, so even if something happens (which is rare, but not impossible, we are not going to lie) we will be there for you and together we will find the solution for your problem.

Let us provide you with a quality, time and cost effective relocation and keep your employees stress-free and productive.