First step of having a safe move is getting a team of professional movers that can help you out with every phase of your local storage move. From the moment you give us a call for the first time, you will get a dedicated moving coordinator to guide you through the moving process and help you prepare for your local move. Price you will get is all inclusive and you won’t get surprised by any additional fees or charges. We are not charging anything to get to your location or to go back, time for your move starts when the actual move starts. No fees for fuel, mileage or even double drive time fee. Also, we won’t charge you anything for handling heavy items, stairs or long carry. We want your move to be stress-free and we are getting there by being completely honest with you about everything. Team of movers is experienced in both, moving clients in or out of a storage unit. We will make sure your items are either disassembled or reassembled, depending on your moving needs. If you are moving into the storage, we will make sure your items are protected with plastic wrap. Moving trucks that we use are well-maintained and clean. We have all necessary equipment to safely perform your move. 

Think about this as well…

  • Check working hours of your storage unit and if needed ask them to provide you with a 24 hours access key or gate code, so your move can be performed safely and time-effectively. 
  • If you plan to leave your items in the storage unit for a longer period of time or if you want to feel safer, get extra moving blankets to ensure the safety of your items. 
  • Find a storage unit that is close to your current location or new location. This will help you save some money on the movers and also it is going to be easier for you if you need to grab something from your unit meanwhile.
  • Label properly your boxes. In case you don’t have to move everything from the unit, it will be very helpful if you know what you have in what box.