Frequently Asked Questions

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1. When to pay movers?

Usually you are paying for your movers at the end of the move. Most of the local moving companies are charging the hourly rates and it is not even possible to charge you at the beginning or even before your move starts. Anything regarding the payment should be explained to you before you decide to book your movers.

2. Can movers hold your stuff?

Absolutely no! Movers are not allowed to hold your staff for any reason, unless you requested so. There are lots of moving companies that get you to the ‘hostage situation’ where they hold your staff until you pay for some imaginary fees. That is not professional or legal. Movers are there to help you safely relocate your belongings to your new home, storage or office space.

3. Will movers take my bed apart?

Professional movers will have all necessary tools to disassemble and reassemble, not only your bed, but every piece of furniture that needs to be taken apart. This is a part of standard moving practise.

4. Why tip movers?

You are not obligated to tip the movers, that is a fact, but think about it. You always tip your waiter in the restaurant when you are satisfied with the service. Why wouldn’t you tip the movers that just did the awesome job for you. How much to tip movers is completely up to you.

5. Where to find movers?

There are lots of local moving companies on the market and it is not simple to choose the best one. This is why the best option is to have a referral from someone who moved recently. If not, type on your internet search ‘movers near me’, ‘furniture movers near me’ or something specific if needed, such as ‘piano movers near me’ and start doing your research. You will have to call a few places, so be ready to write everything down.

6. How much do movers cost?

This depends on a variety of factors, size of your home, time your movers need to relocate your belongings, whether packing is included or not etc. Your movers need to be transparent about their rates, whether they are charging hourly or flat price.

7. What won't movers won't take?

What local movers can and can’t move depends on a moving company. There are different moving policies. The most common for every moving company is that they won’t move anything that is extremely heavy, unsafe or flammable.

8. Do movers pack for you?

Every professional movers can offer you packing service as well, usually you just need to request it, because it is not the service that is mandatory.

9. Will movers take my bed apart?

Like with other heavy furniture you are moving, your movers will disassemble your bed. Movers and Packers LA sends our moving crews with a complete set of moving equipment and tools to ensure the smoothest handling of your belongings and keeping them safe at all times. Disassembling your belongings at your starting location and reassembly at your destination is included in every relocation we are hired to tackle.

10. Are movers insured?

You should only hire licenced local movers and they are usually insured. Basic coverage insurance should be included in the price with every professional local moving company. To be 100% safe, check with your local movers if that is the case.

11. Are movers cheaper on weekdays?

This is something that depends on a moving company. Sometimes, movers do charge more on weekends, especially Saturdays, because that is their busiest day. On the other hand, local movers can provide discounts for moving during the week. If you are flexible with the moving date, think about it.