Just as every family is unique, every person’s moving needs are different. The local moving services you require will be too. At Laguna Moving Services, we want you to tailor your personal moving plan and we will help you out with that. Together with you, we will plan the local move just as you need it to be. Our moving experts will guide you through that moving plan and they will prepare you for your upcoming local relocation. Laguna Moving Services has to offer various moving options. With our packing services you can choose to do as much as you like or as little as you like when it comes to your household move. We believe no one likes surprises when it gets to their home relocation. Free moving quote you will get from Laguna Moving Services is what you are paying for – no hidden charges or fees. Time for your local move starts when the actual move starts, so you won’t have to guess how much time we need to drive to your home or to go back to our warehouse. There won’t be any additional charges for mileage, gas or even California double drive time fee. Your quote is based on what you tell us you need.  Price is all inclusive and we can freely say it is more than affordable for the quality you will get.

Our team is trained and they all had previous experience in moving industry prior to starting to work with us. We are proud to say that they can fulfill anyone’s moving needs.

Basic Household Moving Services:

– Movers with a truck – our price includes movers and a moving truck. Trucks we use are well-maintained and clean.
– Service of disassembly & reassembly of your belongings is part of our standard service. We will carefully disassemble and reassemble everything in order to move it safely from one location to another one.
– Wrapping and padding of your furniture with our plastic wrap and moving blankets is necessary to make sure that nothing gets damaged or scratched.
– Wardrobe boxes are used to save you some time on packing, because we can place all of your hanging clothes in them. One wardrobe box can fit between 20 and 25 hangers and we can bring as much as you want.
– Moving dollies are used for anything that is too heavy to be handled with manpower only.
– Moving insurance included in the price because we are licenced local movers. 

One is guaranteed, you will be satisfied with our moving services, so give us a call and get your free moving quote. Booking process is simple and smooth and we are here to make your moving stress-free.