10 best moving tips

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Organizing a local move is not a simple task no matter how small your move might be or how close you are moving. We prepared 10 moving tips that will help you have a smooth and worry-free move. 

1. Good plan is always written down

We don’t doubt that your memory is great, but when it comes to a local move, there are a bunch of little details that can easily slip your mind. That is why our recommendation number one is to have a notebook where you can write down everything that you plan to do regarding your local move. Make a to do list and try to stick to your plan as much as possible.

2. Do your homework and find the best local movers

Finding the best local movers is not a simple task, especially when there are lots of moving companies on the market. That is why you need to do proper research. If you know someone who moved recently, even better, you can have first hand experience and recommendation from someone you can trust. If that is not the case, you will have to search the internet and ask many questions. After that, you can make a final decision.

3. Set your budget

Before calling moving companies, you will have a certain budget in mind, but only after calling local moving companies, you will know how to schedule the best Orange County movers that can fit your budget. You might be surprised that movers are cheaper than you expected. 

4. Start packing in time

Don’t wait until the last second to start with your packing. You are aware how many items you have and there is a lot more hidden around that you are not even aware of, so be ready that you will need a lot of time to take care of everything. If you hire only local furniture movers, they expect you to be completely packed before they arrive. Organize someone to help you, because you will be surprised with the amount of items that you have. Also, try to get quality packing material that will ensure the safety of your belongings.

5. If you are not using something – don’t bring it with you

There is no better opportunity to get rid of unwanted things than your local move. This is a perfect chance for you to sell the items that you are not using. Or you can do a good deed and take everything to the Goodwill. Ask your friends or family if they would like to have something that you own. There are a lot of ways to do something with your unwanted items that you don’t need.

6. Label properly your boxes

Don’t forget to label your boxes. It will make your life so much easier when you need to unpack your items. You should also add notes for the movers, such as which side goes up or down or if something fragile is packed into the boxes. 

7. Essential box 

This is a box where you should put everything that you will need on your moving day or your first night at your new home. Make sure to prepare enough water for you and your movers. If your move takes longer than you expected, you should have energy bars and things like that near you. Your charger should be here as well, because there are a lot of reasons why you will need your phone on a moving day.

8. Moving site is dangerous for your little ones

You should have someone to take care of your kids and pets on your moving date. Not only a moving site can be dangerous for them, but for movers as well. You don’t want to run around and worry about their safety when you can have a safe place for them while you can assist with anything your movers might need.

9. Layout of your new home

Don’t wait to get to your new home to start thinking about layout. You should decide where you want to put which piece of big furniture. Not only this will save you time when your movers get there with your items, but it will save you money as well. Movers are usually charging the hourly rates, so by knowing where you want to place what item, you will save a bunch of time. Making a layout is interesting and you are creating your dream home and stressing out about time will make it everything opposite than it should be.

10. One last walkthrough 

Before you leave your home for good, you should do one last walkthrough. Check if your movers packed and loaded everything or something is left behind. If there are some dressers, cabinets or kitchen drawers that you are leaving behind, double check if something is left behind by accident. You don’t want to stress out about missing items after you should enjoy your new home with your family.