Full Pack or Standard Service? 5 Pros and cons

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When you are planning your local move, there are lots of questions that require your decision. One of that is packing – should you hire your professional local movers to take care of your packing or should you perform it by yourself. We are not going to stand on any side, we just want to emphasize good sides of both. That is why we prepared a list of top 5 pros and cons of full pack and standard service.

Full Pack:

It is time-efficient, but there is small amount of your control

Instead of spending weeks and weeks packing your personal belongings, calling your friends to assist and organizing your family to label the boxes, you can have a professional moving company that will make sure your items are packed in just one day. Your local movers will definitely do your job way faster than you and there is no risk that you are not ready on your moving day, because you have packers and movers who are taking care of your local move through every phase of it. On the other hand, you won’t have that much control when it comes to packing your belongings. You won’t be able to monitor them all the time and coordinate where to put what. If you are someone who can’t handle lack of control, maybe having someone to pack your personal possessions is not the best option for you.

Your items are safe and carefully handled, but it is more expensive than packing yourself

Having professional packers and movers to pack everything for you is not just time effective, but it is way safer than packing by yourself. They have experience with packing and they know what weight boxes can handle and how to fill the box without risking it is too heavy. Just imagine your dishes being packed by someone who knows what they are doing. No risk of broken glass all over the place. But packing service comes with a certain price. Whether your movers are charging the hourly rate or flat price, packing will be a bit more expensive than packing your items by yourself. 

Quality packing material, but it is not included in the moving price

Packing boxes that local movers are using are high quality boxes that will add an additional dose of safety to your items. If you decide to use their packing material, they will bring everything else needed for safe packing, not just boxes. Unfortunately, we have to go back to your moving budget, because boxes are charged additionally. If this is the biggest obstacle to hiring packers, you can always ask your moving company to use your packing material and you can find cheap boxes. They might not be top quality, but they will save you some money.

Professional labeling your boxes, but you have someone else going through your stuff

If you are a very private person and you don’t like someone else touching or going through your stuff, even if that someone is a moving company, packing service is definitely not for you. On the other hand, your professional packers will make sure all of your boxes are labeled properly to help you when unpacking and also they will add notes for themselves when loading and carrying those boxes. This is another trick how movers can ensure safety of your belongings. It is sure everything will get to your new home in one piece. 

Insurance included during the whole service, and there is nothing that we can mention as a con to this one 🙂

Okay, this one cannot be replaced by anything. There is no money that can compensate for the feeling of safety and peace of your mind. When you hire professional local movers and packers to take care of your belongings, you will feel protected from the start until your move is done. When doing packing for you as well, moving insurance is covering damage on your personal belongings. 

Standard service can be simply defined like everything opposite of mentioned above. But the fact is that regardless if your movers are charging the hourly rate or flat rate, moving and packing is more expensive than just moving. But, someone will take care of your belongings safely and there Also, if you choose standard service, you can decide what tempo works the best for you and you can spread your packing for weeks. On the other hand, there is the risk that you might start late and not be ready for your moving day. Think about moving insurance that is not included if something is broken during the packing service performed by yourself, that is worth a bit more cash for your local move. 

Whether you choose full pack or standard service, make sure you hire professional local movers that can perform your relocation safely. That should be your number one priority.